Why do we all have a different nose?

My question to you..... Why do we all have a different nose...

 When I look at faces, I see a different nose on everybody and I think, "isn't it great we are all such individuals...thank you Lord for creating us all just a bit different from the next."
God gave each of us a different nose...Why? 
Because we are all different...
What we need to do is accept, be kind, forgive and love those that are different than we are.. 
I say to my sweet daughter Crystal, "I love you the way you are....and the way you continue to grow..."
Is she Perfect?.... No! 
But who is? Only the Savior of the world can claim to be perfect... and, WE are made perfect in HIS sight. 
Why is this world so critical of one another???  Why do we not embrace the difference?
Don't get me wrong, I am not saying you HAVE TO get along with everyone, all I am saying, is we need to at least try to get along and respect where someone is coming from...and if you feel you have something to offer  to help that person in question be a better person, then...you MUST do what you can.
If you can make a difference in a persons life, then take that challenge and make the difference.. If all you can do is criticize, then maybe.... keep it to yourself and pray for that person.  
If you can help, HELP!  If you can't help, PRAY!  
Either way this world would be a better place.