Black Friday ....The Tradition of Christmas? ...Here is mine...What is yours?

tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. as per definition. 

 When it comes to a Christmas tradition, I would like to believe that families would honor the true Reason for the Season, Jesus! 

I had a conversation with my youngest daughter who is a mommy of a 9 year old and a 3 year old..  She loves the Black Friday Shopping..she calls it a tradition handed down from when she was a child.  I understand what she was saying but it still broke my heart a little to to hear her say,  that is a Christmas Tradition... And for her it is.

For me, Black Friday is not a tradition, in fact, it drives me a little crazy.. The shopping, the crowds, the craziness... What happened to the true meaning of Christmas?

I am not saying, dont shop, dont give but rather, as you do shop, remember that this is a holiday to honor the Birth of Christ.  

There was a time as a family we would bake brownies, and then go out on Christmas eve and hand them out to the homeless in the area...we would drive by dumpters to find them, the corners with signs to find them and the park to find them..  I must say, the look on the face of the person receiving the fresh baked brownies was a wonderful gift.  That is a wonderful memory and a wonderful Tradition...   

As a single person who does not live near family, my tradition is to remember the Love of Jesus and to pray for my family and loved ones..   Another tradition I have gotten in the habit of is buying  gift cards for $5,from Carls Jr or Jack in the Box(the local fast food) and give them to the local homeless or someone that is struggling.  A simple thing to do with out handing out money...but rather food or a warm drink.

Some want to take the CHRIST out of CHRISTMAS!  How in the world do you do that?  Impossible... This is the day that honors the Savior of the World..Celebrated for more than 2000 years...  I truly would love to see those close to me look at this holiday with the heart, and not the buying, the hustle, the bustle, the stress and for so many..the hardship of this season... The Heart of Christmas is what I would like people to shop for... Give the Christmas gift...LOVE.

When I was a teen and my mom was a single mother, she always stressed about not being able to give us more...but we as kids, just wanted to be a family and celebrate the birth of Jesus, have a great meal and enjoy family..  That is still my hearts desire... be with family celebrating the birth of Christ.  

I think about this day-Black Friday, the stress it causes for some and then for others, the JOY..  I would say, have fun with it...but for those who feeling low, remember, Love is the key to Life...and Love is what Christmas is about..."for God so Loved the World", this is a holiday of Love...

Jesus is LOVE