I said, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Today, the first Saturday in October...

and temps are into the 80's.   

I road my beach clunker down to the beach...

sat down and enjoyed the beauty of the day 

and observed the many people out enjoying the morning... 

I have to say, this gal in the pictures really impressed me... Obviously over 60, but you would never know it.  She started up a conversation with me and I just had to ask,
 "I would like to ask you a personal question??  How old are you?" 
She smiled and said, "I'm 65" I told her how impressed I was with how good of shape she is in... We both agreed that age has nothing to do with how we feel or the shape we are in...and then she commented,
"you are who you hang out with".  
We laughed and off she went with her husband for their walk.

I had just left a conversation with someone else who just turned 60 and said he felt like it.  I said, "well I am 60 also and don't feel like it"...  Thankfully!!!

We all have a choice as to what we want from our life, future and our health.  We can turn our life around, we can turn our future around, and we certainly can turn our HEALTH around.  It really is all up to us.

I have been working on getting the drawings together for a patten for an invention... My business partner and I have been putting it on paper... Yes, we are working at turning our future around.
In my 40's I turned my Health around... And I turned my life around in my late 20's when I gave my heart to Jesus...

Yes, we can turn the boat.. Lets keep sailing, rowing  or motoring...  

"Can I ask you a person question?"