Body Language... What is yours saying?

I was sitting along the beach this morning...  From a distance I observed a person walking my direction...I thought, Oh that might be...  As I paid attention the the way the person walked, I knew it was not.

I once told a friend of mine, "I thought I saw you the other day, but... he had a cap on-you never wear a cap, he had on socks-you never where socks, and he had on an Aloha shirt-you never wear an Aloha shirt, and he moved to slow-you move at warp speed..."  He laughed, and agreed.

Years ago, when I use to go to support runner friends of mine, or if I spotted them training on the street, I could tell if it was them before by their movement.  They all have a signature body language.

I know I do, so I have been told.

I find it so interesting how we all have our very own signature movements.  We could look like someone else, but we most likely won't in the way we move.

God has designed each of use in our own unique way.... 

 You are a master piece !!