Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted......Matthew 5:4

I woke up this morning reflecting, praying and heart broken for my two friends.  One, Debbi, I have known for more than 25 years but have not seen in a long time, but communicate via FB,  My other friend, Lori, I have known for about 16 years.. They both live in other areas of the country now, but again, via FB we are in contact.

I am heart broken for these two women, they have lost their best friend, their lover and their soul mate way to soon and much un-expected.  I know loss having lost my best friend and sister, Karen many years ago at 35 years old.  But, I must say, not the same.  

The Bible says, 'when two are joined in marriage they become one'.  When you lose your husband, or wife, it is like losing a part of you...And even more so when you have a love like these two ladies had with these lovely men.  These two couples were very much in love and delightful to see.

What a loss, and yet, there is a big picture... Doug(52) and David(56) right now are seeing the big picture, but remaining here on planet earth are two broken heart'd ladies, both with a sincere belief in the Lord, trusting God with their lives and holding on to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

There are no words of comfort, only love, only  prayers, and then more love and more prayers.

Some 23 years ago I lost my sister to cancer.. I remember going to her hospital bed and saying, "Karen, I don't want to loose you, but I would rather loose you this way so I can say good bye.."  She understood.. and I did get to say good bye.. I have been fortunate to be able to say good bye to all that have died in my family...

Not being able to say good bye, that is so difficult..and yet... I know they will get to the other side of Mourning...for they will be comforted.  I pray all of Heaven on you..Debbi and Lori... Blessings and Love.

My observation?  
Do not have undone business with those near to you.. 
Be sure they know you love them...
If you have issues...get over them.... 
and walk in forgiveness and love.