Love is the't we all just get along?

You know...I was thinking...  I have 3 children...rather 3 adult children with children of their own.   Every parent wants the world for their children... Every parent!!! Weather the parent says it or not...I believe that unless the parent is down right evil, that is what they want.

I know that is what I want for mine and I know that is what mine want for their own children.   And to say, "my kids are perfect"...I could not.  But to say, "my kids are wonderful, gifted, full of life"...yes I could say that.  And believe me..they would not call me perfect either, but they might say I am wonderful, gifted and full of life... 

I think of my dad, 84 and living in as a hermit in Hemet..  My cute, so strange, so wonderful!  My mom is 82 and lives in sassy, so strong and so wonderful...  I love them both...and yet, my dad is missing out and so is his family...  I visit as much as I can, I can make excuses that he doesn't need us to stay in contact with him...but he does.  He misses me when he does not hear from me and I know he missing my brother...

I love my parents and I am so thankful to have them still living life... both independent, mom never stops, dad has taken to riding the bus(flirting on the bus is good for him) but still out and about. 

I love my parents, I love my kids, and adore my grand children...  Life is good...I just don't see any of them enough.  Being a California Girl, (and not a Cali Girl-hehe), I have to travel to see family which is not often enough, but I think of them constantly, pray for them always and miss them like crazy.

I love my Family... We all can get along!!!  the Answer is LOVE!  Amen to that!!!