I do not want to engage in a Political Debate!!!

Yes....Many times individuals have tried to throw me in the middle of Right vs. Left, Conservative vs. Liberal and Democrat vs. Republican debate.

I always say, "I do not argue or debate politics!"

I am a conservative and have my views, but I have noticed that debating is futile.  I am not well read on politics and I make a practice not to debate or argue anything I am not versed in.. So please!!! Keep me out of your debates..your arguments..and please, do not expect to turn me in a few minutes of a conversation.  I am pretty solid in my beliefs just like you are.

I have heard it said, "Can't we all just get along?"  I second that statement.

My goal in life?  To make a difference with those that are in my realm...  I make a difference in whatever way I can... I hope I have made a difference in my children s lives and what is very important to me is to make a difference in my Grand children's lives.  Having integrity, being honest and expressing love...all very important to me. 

Again I say, "please do not try to get me engaged in an argument or debate on politics..If you have to debate, I will give you my mothers number, but be warned! She knows her stuff!!!"