It feels like "Maui Time!"

This has been a very busy summer...

Right off starting in June,  I work the Del Mar Fair for friends that are in the Home and Remodeling building...that it is 6 days a week standing in a booth from 8-13 hours position..depending...We did very well and generated some great business for My Green Home-the Whole House Fan Company.

Then, 5 days later I drove to NV to pick up my grandson, 9 year old Willie, to spend his 5 weeks of summer with me at the beach.  I LOVE having Willie and he is so easy but all the while I am trying to catch up with my website and Body Wise customers I have neglected from working the fair in June.

And now, Willie's mom and little brother are here for a week to have a little vacation and to spend time with me at the coast.  They are here for a week and I love having them....

 Crystal, my daughter, keeps telling me, "Mom, this is 'your' vacation too."..I keep saying, "No it is 'your' vacation Crystal, 'my' vacation has yet to happen."     I love having all of them here and thankfully I live walking distance to everything.  It  is a busy and  full little one bedroom box, but it is  just blocks from the beach.  Nice!

Oh!!! did I mention... I work from home...

I always look forward to my visit with Willie...we have such a great time and the whole Village knows and loves him...  He is just so dang cute!!

Willie  said something to me last week that just made my year... 
He says.... "Great grandmother is very Lucky", I said, "Why Willie?"  He says, "Because she has you for a daughter."  That just melted my heart..

So, I am think, IT FEELS LIKE MAUI TIME   in Sept or Oct ? Or.. if I don't get to Maui, I will at least get to Catalina, and if I don't get there...I will at least spend a couple days totally unplugged.

I have stayed busy, designing websites, email marketing, social marketing, and Body Wise.. Oh, I almost forgot, spending time following up on the leads from the Del Mar fair in June..  Thankfully I am staying busy and have developed a nice client list and I do enjoy working with my clients and learning about their business..
So, I guess I can say, THANK YOU LORD!  and