I just love talented people...and Talent comes in many forms.

I must say, one of my favorite shows was this seasons, the Voice.  To be chosen without consideration of the looks, just pure voice, is a joy to see.

I have two daughters with absolutely beautiful voices...I say, give up the Karaoke and go LIVE!!! Sing with a band!!

I have met a few people in the past few years that have come back their love of music.  They sing, play guitar, write and perform... These are individuals who are of the Baby Booming Age.. I find it commendable to get back to what you love after years of being a professional and working a JOB.

I know for myself, there is an artist/painter trying to get out but due to tight schedules...I have yet to tackle that talent.  Yes, I design a bunch, I take photos that I love and others seem to as well and I love doing those things, but I still feel that somewhere in there is an painter wanting to be released...I is very close..until then, I keep taking my photos and I enjoy every moment of that.

I am sharing these 3 with you... 
Where does your talent land? Music, Art, Kindness? What is yours?
 It is never too late to take a look and follow your passion...NEVER!