Del Mar Fair.... Home and Remodeling building...

Yes, this is my 6th year of working the Fair at the Del Mar Fair Grounds.. I have taken care of a booth, My Green Home, for my friends the past 4 years.  A great product, fantastic company and wonderful people.
The fair is a key event for many business and as we are there being very serious about gaining the attention of those marching down the isle, I cannot help but notice a few things...

1. Each day is different from the rest...every day has its own very unique personality, such as, yesterday the visitors were very rude...not my just my observation, but the observation of the entire building...and then the discovery, it was BEER FEST!  Well that explains it...

2.  Fair food is not fit for a healthy body and I must say, there are not a lot of healthy bodies walking by chomping on a big 'ol Turkey leg wrapped with bacon...deep fried onions/potatoes/butter/....and whatever else they deep fry.  Obesity is alive and well at the fair.


FYI, the t-shirts say....Totally Fried!  Hummmm.

3.  Tattoos...Let me say first, I have two adult children that are very tatted...I love them very much, but not fond of the tatts...  So, the Tattoos....again... Really?  I just don't understand what the motivation is in covering the entire body with ink...  I must say, I did see many beautiful full sleeves on many gals...and....what I would say: paint a wall to express you thoughts and feelings... a Mural would be nice.   I do think that  in today, someone that is tatt free and multi-piercing free, is a unique and different that doesn't mind standing out in a crowd.  Yes, beautiful clean skin is "The New Different". 

4. For the first time ever, I saw the Beach Boys live...Well, 2 beach boys...and Mike Loves children...  Beach Boy Music will always be classic to California but, not much of a live concert...those Beach Boys are tired...   See those two guys in the middle...those are the beach boys...  I Enjoyed the concert... but not again... I will always love the music.
****Last year I saw Kenny Loggins and he blew my age on that man!!!***

On Tuesday, will be the last 10 day stretch of the fair ending on July 4th.  I am thankful for the work, but all us hard  working people look forward to July 4th... The interesting thing for me is that if I did not work the fair, I most likely would not attend the fair...  I am not much of a fair goer...and the other interesting thing...when you are working, you really don't know what is going on outside of the building you are working in.  

One great aspect of the fair is the people you meet working in booths around you...I have enjoyed getting to know my neighboring , most of them I will not see for another year, or maybe I will see them at a home show during the year... A great thing for me this year is one of my neighbors is Dan and Bruce from my church, always nice spending time with unexpected blessing.

There are many people that are in the O'Brien building that I have known for  6 years... We all belong to the annual migration to the Del Mar fairgrounds... We may not see each other until next year... and next year does come soon.  We are part of the Fair alumni...

If I  catch some  interesting shots of   observations...I will post them ...until then...

Enjoy your Walking Observation!!


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