..... There are people everywhere looking for someone special...

I was chatting with a buddy down at Pine and Coast Hwy...  Here is a local man, loves living here..but while he has several people he can have conversation with all day long down by the seawall, he says, "I am lonely, I don't have anyone".

As I think, there are lonely people everywhere...casual conversation is good but not all there is to being in a relationship...  I know women talk openly about wanting to find that special person...but, believe me...Men also talk openly and would like to find that special person too.

So, if you have someone special, don't' hang on too tight, but hang on... Be kind to one another, enjoy the conversation and the company and if you are one of those that have found your soul mate...continue on and be thankful that you have the perfect compliment.

If you are looking...be brave, be bold, and SMILE, say HI...and see what happens.. 

It cost nothing to Smile!