Shop Local! Buy from a Friend!

I think about products and services...  

If you have a friend or business associate with a product or a service that you can use, 

why wouldn't you purchase from them?

I have had conversations with people about this very thing..  Why are you going to go buy a similar product or service from a box store verses an independent owner.  Many independents offer products that could not be found in the box stores, such as... My friend Jill.  She creates beautiful journals very close to the price you would buy them at a chain gift store...  This is just one example of her beautiful journals.. very personal, very  creative.

These are a wonderful gift in the $25 - $35 price range.
It is like small business entrepreneurs as Jill that is so important to our economy and to our creative way of life.

There are many just like Jill that have a talent and should be supported by our communities.

I have another friend who has been with a nutrition company for many years...  The supplements she represents is a proven 24 year old company that puts out the very best money can buy.  The catch, they are not sold on the retail shelves, this is a direct selling company and you can only purchase them from an individual such as my friend Connie.

I have often asked individuals:  
"If you are going to buy vitamins from a chain store, why wouldn't you buy vitamins from me?"   
  • Why wouldn't you support a  friend in their own business?
  • Why wouldn't your shop and keep it local?



So my encouragement is....  Keep it local! Buy it local!!! Support your friends!!!