Really, those words come out of the same mouth as you eat with?

This is an observation that is so hard to put on just becomes more every day. 

As I casually walk down the sidewalk in this beautiful little seaside town of Carlsbad, I hear...
F...this,  F...that..., A...H..,.  G...D..., so much profane and terrible language which now seems to be just a part of society and the shocking part...the age is getting younger and younger.. No respect for those around you, just profane and dirty language.

I have had an occasion to ask a group of teen-agers to be careful of their language.. To my surprise they  answered, " Oh I am sorry," with a smile and then they started to shush the others in the group.  If I didn't say anything, then it is okay with me... It is not okay with me.


 When I saw this posted from a teen site by a teen on 

a teens page,  I was dumbfounded!!!

  All I can say is....  REALLY?

 And the responses to this were profane!


Where are the hearts of our society?   Adults have paved the way for our young people to walk in the shoes they are walking and using the language they are using.  

We need to get back to wholesome innocent teens and respectful mature adults.  
Opps...Hope you all are okay with this.

This is my Walking Observation!