What kind of networker are you?

I was thinking...there are so many types of people and so many types of professionals or business people.  I personally do a lot of networking which allows me to meet many different types of individuals.  I truly enjoy networking, networking events and making those contact.

I use to go to events and try to meet as many as I possibly could. Now, I would rather make the contact, build a relationship which in turn builds business.

You probably have me the fast talker that dumps everything out at once...not the best strategy.

Then there is the one that is so laid back you wonder why they attend...also not a great strategy.

I think, the best would be the one who goes and tries to connect with just a few key people.. When you ask, "What do yo do?" The person you asked will always respond allowing you to think who would be a great business fit with that person creating a relationship...  A good business fit, power partner, just might be YOU!

I find questions are always good, listening is even better than the question..  Listen...  You might just find out something interesting..

Network, have fun, and develop relationships.

Now, go out and meet some people!