Smile at Cute Guys!

My gal pal, Lisa and I have decided to get out and smile at cute guys..for fun!!!   Well, my grandmother, born in 1904 and lived to be 90, was the classic gal that smiled at cute guys..

One week-end, shortly after my grandfather passed (at 85), I took my grandmother (84) on a road trip back to the area they had spent many of their retirement years.  Their property up in the Trinity County area.. We stayed overnight in Weaverville, a little town in Northern Calif.  We had gone to lunch at one of my grandmothers favorite cafe's. It was on the second story, so we entered by climbing about a dozen steps.  Upon our departure there was a couple that opened the door for us and the gentleman put out his hand and said, "May I assist you down the stairs.."  My grandmother in true fashion; smirked, got a little twinkle in her eye and in a very adorable flirtation said, "Piggy Back Maybe..."  There was a stall in a response and upon realizing what she was doing, the  couple just busted up laughing as did I.

My grandmother loved smiling at cute guys...and on that trip, she smiled at every cute guy we ran into that was 1/2 her age..

Yup!  She was accomplished at smiling at cute guys...
"Thanks for passing that on Mama!"
This is my grandmother and my brother back in the 80's..  Yup, she was fearless and quite a kick..  I am sure she would have saddled up and hit the road with David, had he asked.  

NOW....Let's have some fun,  and Smile!!!