Mame, Miss or Gal?

We live in this crazy world...People are busy running here and there.  And yet, don't we have just the least bit of time to share Kindness?  The answer is YES!  Yes we do!!!

A smile at the coffee house, a kind smile in bumper to bumper traffic, letting some one go ahead of you in a line..little things.  It does not take much.,

Years ago when I was in my 20's, every so often I would be called Mame...I  did not like it then and I certainly do not like it now but when I look at who might call me Mame, I realize it is out of respect.  Typically it is someone who has been in the Military or someone from the South.  Sorry for the generalization but it is  My Walking Observation.

And then it is those really smart young people who refer to female customers as Miss... Nice.... I really like that...  There are a few smart people out there and you know who you are...

I refer to women as Gals...not sure if they like that but to me there is no age related to Gals.

Any way you look at it, when your are treated respectfully in public, it is a very good thing...and even better, when they call you by name...That is a very very good thing...  

Just my Observation