Leave your Tunes home!!! and say, Hello!

I just got in from my walk down along the beach...

When I walk along the beach I just love the sounds of the oceans...

I see a handsome man, I would like to say hello, but with his ITUNES going...not possible.

I was at a traffic signal waiting for the walk sign to turn green, started a conversation with a young woman... OPPS!! She did not hear me, she has her ITUNES on..

I just can not figure this out...??? Yes, confused am I!!!

We are at the beach...a wonderful place to be...

Why not just leave those tunes at home and get in-tune to the oceans rhythm... It is music to my ears...It could be to yours as well.


  1. And just today, two people power walking with both pumping music into their ears...in the Harbor, the beauty all around you...Seagulls, sail boats, and a soft breeze...walking head down and tuned into the electrical device and note the beauty of the area or even each other.

  2. Mom I know that when I am at home with the boys and with nick I can't always just listen to what I want to drown myself into whether it be country pop or worship music. Sometimes if I'm alone downtown I want to just be with me my music and Gods creation . Sometimes there is nothing more beautiful then that and where it takes me. I love you

    1. Thanks for the comment Crys...
      I do understand...and yet..we are here at the beach...You know how it is here...the Waves slapping the shoreline.. I love that sound...
      You are good...and at home I have music on all the time..YOU know me and Jazz.. It is the point that the beauty of the ocean...tough to miss.


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