Where is the integrity?

I have a client who, before he met my company, had hired a website firm to do a bunch of upgrades and nonsense for his business. Now, I am sure this is a great company for a larger business, but here is a business owner working out of about 700 sqft, and he was way over sold for the size of business. 

 I think to my self...Really? You would rather take advantage of a small business owner who knows little or nothing about online endeavors, than to sell him the right product? 

 This is not the first time I have seen this done...and still it shocks me to see small business owner taken advantage like this. I assure you..when I propose a design job, I always evaluate if I am the right company for the business, and yes, I have referred potential clients to another company because I know they would be better served.

 Lets be KIND in business... 
Lets treat each other like we would like to be treated.. 

  Lets walk in Integrity!