California ... Nice. California Coast....Better!

Yes, if you know know I love the Coast..the West Coast.. I was in Daytona once on business, the sun rises and sets on the wrong side....although I loved it in Daytona I prefer the California coast ....
I once lived in Wisconsin on the Mississippi River, beautiful but cold..  The first winter I saw the outside temp gauge on my car say minus anything just did not look right...     NO! there is something wrong with living in the -9's  and less....and on the other side of that.., how bout when I lived in the desert......+HOT!
                                     -9                              +125
So here I am in an average of 75-80 degrees...liking it and yes, we coastal people get cold in the 50's, but I have lived in my little place for more than 4 years without heat(never turned it on) or air... 5 blocks from the beach...I like it!  
What would be better?  Living on the Beach!!!    

Walking to Coffee...  Back in a few!