Really??? You put your feet on any furniture..

Okay...  Her goes today's observation..

I stopped for a quick cup of coffee...  Two grown men, sitting on the patio sipping their coffee and smoking a of these men had his feet resting UP on top of the table...Really?  Feet up on the table?

I stop into my favorite coffee house, Its a Grind Carlsbad,  for a little coffee and conversation one evening...  Always great people...but... Really???  There are 2, what appears to be college students, working on their computers with their feet up on the upholstered chairs... Really?  Feet up on the nicely upholstered chairs...and a full coffee house to boot...   Table of 4 taken by two adults and 4 feet....   Really?

Really?....this is one of those observations I just don't understand.  Why would anyone go into someones business and put their feet up on an nicely upholstered chair?  Metal patio chairs is a possibility... but certainly not up on top of a patio table or on an interior upholstered chair...

I too love to be comfortable, but please have a little respect..for the owners of the business and for the customers of that business... please... take your feet off the furniture... Thank YOU!