Lets keep our beaches litter free!!!

Just the other day I was strolling down our beautiful beach of Carlsbad with a friend when we smelled something... A person Smoking! 
Okay, he was a  far enough distance from us not to effect our health, but it does effect the joy of Ocean Breezes and Sandy Beaches.. We avoided the path of smoke without a word... 
But then...much to our surprise...he put his cigarette out in the sand and then buried it in the sand.  ...........Really?..............
So my friend, who is active in Saving our Beaches, said,
"Hey! do you enjoy our beaches?"  
The visitor to our beach responded, ""Why yes I do!" with a smile.. 
 "Then why are you littering our beaches with your cigarette butt..?"  
The visitor responded, "Well, that is why I buried it!" .......... Really?.............  I BURIED IT!!
He then attempted to un-bury it and promptly disappeared.

4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered in our parks, sidewalks and public places yearly, according to Keep America Beautiful. Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the United States.  as per http://www.volunteerguide.org/minutes/service-projects/cigarette-butts

Just because you bury it in the sand does not means it will not be washed to sea with the multitude of other butts.

Lets Keep Our Beaches Clean!!!