Lunch with my 83+ year old dad...

Yesterday I drove to Hemet to take my dad out to lunch..  I must say, he always entertains..  
He tells me a story about a gal he met on the Bus who has been very kind. The other day  as she left the bus, she kissed him on the cheek.   Well now, he wants to get on his bike and take a ride and go visit this gal.  He is hot to trot...and this gal is my he thinks..  

He says,"she isn't too young"....I said, "ya dad but you just might be too old..."  I must say, my dad had me in  stitches...and as I dropped him off at his house after lunch...I had to say, "Dad! TOO much information!!!"  

My  observation?  You are never too old to admire a kind and good looking woman, especially one that has pretty red toe nails and pretty feet...  LOL


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